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  • New patients, or if it's been 18+ mths since your last appointment

    99 British pounds
  • For corns, calluses and nail care. Welcome back!

    85 British pounds
  • Bringing a partner or family member? Or just need more time?

    160 British pounds
  • For one side only. Additional sides at £55, if requested

    110 British pounds
  • One of the most common causes of heel pain, but not the only one

    125 British pounds
  • Nails looking discoloured, thickened or dark and flaky?

    98 British pounds
  • Shoes too tight? Red bump on the side of your foot?

    110 British pounds
  • For pre/diabetic patients or those at risk of diabetes

    99 British pounds
Our Services

If you require a supplemental report this will carry an additional charge

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