Patient Having Consultation With Gina
Podiatric Consultation £95
£75 for existing patients

Foot pain is never normal, and will never go away on it's own. With more and more people working from home it's easy to neglect your feet. Corns. calluses, cracked heels and dry skin are becoming more common as we spend more time coming out of lockdown.


You can learn more about the most common types of foot problems here, but the foundation of any lasting, effective care begins by talking to your Podiatrist. 

*We are currently only accepting patients over 17 years of age

Anatomy of a foot


Our feet rarely get a break. Locked away unseen for much of the day in damp, confined quarters and then made to stand in a dirty puddle while the rest of the body enjoys a luxurious shower. Yet your feet will carry you throughout your life, switching effortlessly from smooth surfaces to potholed pavements as you make your across the Tube, along the riverside or even Munro bagging 

Take a moment to sit down and feel your foot. Each is a masterpiece of engineering; muscles, tendons, joints and ligaments pulling, twisting and stretching as your foot does, able to support you as easily on tiptoe as a hard run on the roadside. And as with all complex machinery, repeated stress, shocks and wear-and-tear can throw the balance out of alignment, or worse.

A podiatrist is a degree-educated lower-limb specialist qualified to assess and help realign your feet. Foot pain is never normal, so talk to your Podiatrist as part of your 2021 wellness routine.