Fungal Toenail Management £95
Optional: laboratory report £95

Fungal nail infections begin as small discolourations under the toenail. Over time the nail thickens, becomes discoloured and eventually so brittle it can fall off.

The first step is to identify what kind of infection it is - not all are caused by fungi. Once identified, it's much easier to start treatment. Our head podiatrist has written an excellent guide on the subject which we recommend you read if you'd like to know more.

Quick facts about preventing fungal nail infection

Proper treatment can take weeks if not months, something over-the-counter medications downplay. The key to managing the infection is to identify the type of fungus; we do this by taking a sample at your initial appointment, in addition to the appropriate treatment. The mycology report costs £95 and takes a few days at our independent accredited lab. Once the type of fungus is identified, the options for targeted treatment open up much quicker, presenting more effective routes to management. You may need oral antibiotics, topical medication or a medicated nail lacquer. Your podiatrist will be much better placed to advise you once a diagnostic report is returned from the lab

You don't need the test - but then you run the risk of trying one medicine after another and still not treating the condition. You can take steps to ensure that the the potential risks of re-infecting yourself and your household, but the best combination is to do both at the same time.