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Person lacing their running shoes
Sports Podiatry £145
Recommended for: anyone trying to stay in shape

If you're suffering from recurrent pain in your arches or ankle, blisters or lost toenails, you might be wearing improper footwear, lacing incorrectly or even a pseudo-orthotic. 

Worse yet, you may have a biomechanical issue such as muscle imbalance which affects  the way you walk or run: without a management plan it may come back even stronger. Add in a lot of scientific-sounding terms for recommended running or cycling gear, and you're heading to something painful.



That doesn't mean you should give up on great health, and its never too late to make the most of your days outdoors. We'll help you get into your groove and stay there for longer


We've seen an increase in sports-related injuries at the clinic, as people find and keep new wellness goals for 2022. The best of intentions however, can lead to a rocky path. One of the most common self-diagnoses with casual runners is 'shin-splints', and as with plantar fasciitis it's a diagnosis that can be confused for a dozen other injuries. The complexity of the human musculoskeletal system means that the pain you feel in your shins when running may not even originate there: It could be periostitis, a fracture or an inflamed tendon. It may be a problem in one of the many joints involved in walking or running or simply just the shock of improper footwear pounding hard pavement.

The point is, random treatments of ice, rollers or massage only help in the immediate aftermath and won't do anything for the underlying causes. Your podiatrist is the first place to get help for any pain you feel when you're running as they can narrow the focus of investigation and determine if you can be treated in-house, at home or to which specialist (if any) to be referred to.

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