Ingrowing Toenail - We'll Take Care Of It
Ingrowing Toenail Management £98
£25-49 for each additional side
An ingrowing toenail is where a part of the nail cuts into the flesh around the toe. These are impossible to treat at home, and can be made worse by attempting to cut away the corner of the nail. This not only causes bleeding but leaves a nasty spike digging into the flesh. Often it can cause pain and bleeding, and may even lead to infection if left untreated.
If you think you have any signs of infection, you should urgently visit your GP.

While your GP may provide antibiotics, your podiatrist will be able to address the underlying issue and remove the nail piece itself. Your podiatrist will discuss all potential management plans with you beforehand, to help you choose the best course for your well-being.



There's quite a few types of nail problems that we see aside from the classic ingrown toenail. One of the most common is the involuted or 'horseshoe' nail (which ironically we see often with amateur riding enthusiasts). Here, the nail grips the sides in a pincer, curving the edges together and causing quite a lot of pain.

The condition is worsened by tight shoes, sweaty socks and injury to the nail or the toes. The greatest threat however, comes from using a pair of nailcutters rather than a dedicated pair of nippers to trim your toenails. The pre-curved shape means you can't accurately follow the curve of your toe, and you can easily wind up cutting out the little wedge at the top corner. Without professional correction, you can leave a spike or cause a tear in the nail which can easily become infected.


Make an appointment with your podiatrist if you're having trouble with your nails, or if you've cut them too short or they're starting to hurt.