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Angel Chiropody's Home Visit service
Home Podiatry Visit £99
Recommended for: shielding/elderly or disabled patients 

For elderly, infirm, high-risk diabetic or shielding patients who need routine treatment in the safety and comfort of their own home.

Our extensive experience and our strict Covid-19 protocols allow us to provide this service; you can be assured that we continue to take every precaution to protect our patients and our highly skilled and experienced clinicians.

We recommend this service only for those who would otherwise find it difficult to attend in person.


How it works:

  • Select the time & date you would like for the visit. Currently we are available between 9am and 6pm Monday-Saturday

  • Your request is reviewed and we assign a mobile podiatrist. This depends on availability of our specialists. This is usually done within a few hours

  • Once approved, the selected Podiatrist will email or call you to explain the process. If you would like us to see a second or third individual at this time, let your Podiatrist know and an additional payment link will be sent to you

  • A payment link will be sent by email for you to make an online payment before your Podiatrist attends. We do not accept cash or cheques

  • Your Podiatrist will have the necessary PPE - please ensure you have a mask 

  • Please keep pets safely away during the visit

  • NOTE: For safety reasons, local anaesthetic is never indicated for home visits, and we do not offer or administer such

  • NOTE: For care home & hospice visits you may request our Covid-19 Site protocols by emailing and requesting Form AA/RSP/02

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