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Double sessions also available

Corns, calluses, cracked heels or painful feet? The foundation of good footcare starts with a visit to your Podiatrist

Foot pain is never normal, and untreated it will not go away on it's own. With more and more people working from home it's easy to neglect your feet, particularly if you're trying to juggle a busy lifestyle.

Stay focused on your wellness goals for 2022 and make the most of things by getting your feet in shape. Don't put up with painful feet - book an appointment with your Podiatrist today


£55 for each additional side

Our most frequently-requested service. Whether you've cut them too deep or they're curving inwards, we can help you feel better 

An ingrowing or very curved toenail can be extremely painful. Sometimes it's caused by a break or being cut incorrectly, leaving a sharp spike in the groove. If left untreated, it will certainly cause pain and may lead to infection.

Angel clinican preparing a toenail for procedure
Angel clinician performing a foot examination


Orthotics from £25

Most cases of plantar fasciitis can be treated with a comination of therapies such as orthotics (insoles), exercises and other treatments which the podiatrist will recommend to you. It's worth having any heel pain checked out regardless as it may have something more serious underlying it.

Heel pain first thing in the morning or after a run? The most common cause is often plantar fasciitis and you may need more than just a cold compress to treat it

For our patients who have limited mobility or are shielding


Sometimes it can be difficult to find the time to visit us. That doesn't mean you should put up with painful feet. We can also arrange for a suitable time for a home visit, subject to availability.

Angel Chiropody's Home Visit Podiatrist
Angel clinician examines a fungal nail


Optional: Laboratory Report £145

If your toenail is thickened and flaky, is turning yellowish or black it's highly likely you have a fungal nail infection. Over time your nail becomes brittle and may fall off

Moments to be infected, weeks or months to be rid of. Without determining the type of infection it becomes much harder to treat, and you may be throwing good money after bad on over-the-counter medications.


If you think you have a bunion or find it painful

Bunions can only be corrected by surgery and a six month recovery period.

Our focus here is to manage your condition to limit your discomfort, identify biomechanical and external factors that may be exacerbating it and help you live with it.

An x-ray image of a right foot bunion
Angel clinician cutting toenails


For those who need only a smooth trim & tidy for their nails

Our classic service: sometimes all you need are the basics, done by medically-trained staff in the privacy and comfort of our podiatry clinic.

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