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Nail Nippers For Thick Nails 14cm

Designed by a leading London podiatrist with 20+ years’ experience, this is professional podiatry tool for cutting very thick nails, including fingernails and fungal nails.

The nipper is expertly crafted DIN1.4034 stainless steel. The cutting edge is hardened to ensure the blades stay sharp for decades and deliver precisely clipped nails with every swift, sure cut. The tip allows you greater precision to reach nail edges before they become a problem, and used correctly will help you keep strong, healthy nails.

  • Wide opening (approx.18mm) for trimming very thick and tough nails
  • Strong & curved blades make nail trimming smooth and easy
  • Generous size 14 cm comfortably fits in the palm for optimal handling and maximum control
  • Rust proof stainless steel
  • Suitable for professional & at-home sterilisation, including autoclaving
  • Easy to operate and suitable for people with limited hand strength
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