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Stainless Steel Professional File

Designed by a leading London podiatrist with 20+ years’ experience, these professional custom-crafted files are sleek, sturdy and safe. Each file is crafted from 112g of premium stainless steel and with just a few strokes you can safely remove calluses and hard skin in the comfort of your own home. The smooth, solid handle and deep-cut thumb notch allow precise control without additional strain on the wrist. Our files are created to clinical, not cosmetic standards and with proper care will last you a lifetime.

Premium Quality & Design: Designed and manufactured in the UK, this is designed by a podiatrist for professional performance unlike anything on the home market

Hygienic: The supplied pads are durable and easy-to-replace. Each file is factory-sealed and double bagged before it’s even picked for despatch

Professional Performance: Experience a greater level of comfort with a file that looks as great as it performs

Recommended Usage: Use once or twice a month – it’s tempting to use daily, but you’ll only irritate the skin. The pads can be cleaned gently with a file card or wire brush, or by gently rinsing under a cold tap. Allow time for the pad to dry before storing or re-using. Do not share foot files as this can easily lead to unwanted infection passed from one foot to another

Use as part of your daily footcare routine. If you are diabetic or have issues with your foot health, always seek the advice of your podiatrist prior to using

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