Custom-made Orthotics £280
For devices only. Requires separate Orthotics assessment & dry-cast moulding
Sometimes the foot requires long-term support and control that an off-the-shelf orthotic can't easily provide. Custom-made orthotics can last several years and are made from much harder-wearing materials moulded to the exact contours of your feet.

This service is only available once a full standard Orthotic Therapy or Sport Podiatry assessment is performed, and is for custom-prescribed and crafted orthotics as well as initial fitting.


How it works:

We recommend that you book this for the last session of the day (typically around 1.30 pm). This service is for the actual prescription and specification of the device itself. It may been needed to correct long-term Achilles Tendinitis or heel pain, or to help stabilise your gait in everyday activities. 

This service requires a standard Orthotics or Sports Podiatry assessment, as well as a precision dry-moulding of your feet before purchase. The turnaround for custom-fabricated insoles is usually around  14 days from assessment to fitting.