Coronavirus: Guidance for Patients & Visitors
Updated May 5th 2021

In light of the rapidly evolving Coronavirus pandemic, and the increasing numbers of UK citizens affected, the clinic has implemented safety procedures for all visitors to ensure the Health and Safety of all employees, customers and visitors. We will keep this page up to date with the latest information about the virus and what actions, if any, we may need you to take

1. Please complete your New Patient form online before you arrive
2. On arrival, please sanitise your hands then proceed to the temperature scanner
3. Please follow the instructions on the screen: when asked, place the inside of your right wrist 1-3 cm away from the yellow reader
4. If the display flashes red (+38°C), we will request that you immediately return home and seek medical advice. If you decline to be scanned, you will be asked to leave*.
5. Try to bring only the essentials with you, and leave bulky clothing, bags or panniers at home or in the car.
6. Please attend unaccompanied; while we love our younger guests please be responsible and arrange for childcare before attending. We've temporarily suspended our services for under-18's.


7. If you're arriving by cycle, remember to bring your lock and be prepared to leave your bike outside the clinic.


8. On arrival you'll be given a fresh face mask, and this should be worn before entering the treatment room.


9. You'll also be given a pair of disposable shoe covers to wear over your socks. You can leave your shoes safely in the waiting area.

10. For your safety we're trying to keep contact times to a minimum, so while we will not rush your appointment we will endeavour to be as efficient as possible.

11. If the previous appointment is running a little late, please bear with us. While we're trying to limit exposure time for our clients and clinicians, the extra few minutes treating a stubborn ingrown nail can help avoid a trip to the GP or the need for antibiotics.

12. While we've allowed time for cleaning the room after each session, there may be times when we run over as we replenish supplies or sterilise all surfaces. Please be patient; your safety is our priority.

The most comprehensive source of information remains the UK government website, and we recommend that you continue to follow updates and advice on the national restrictions through Government announcements or the NHS.

We recommend that you download the NHS Covid-19 app and check in using the QR codes available throughout the clinic.