The Human Foot

Your foot is made up of 28 bones, 30 joints and over 100 muscles, ligaments & tendons as well as the nerves & blood vessels that supply them. How they all work together is the subject of Podiatry.

To qualify as a lower limb specialist, a Podistrist undergoes a 3 year degree in addition to over 1000hrs of supervised clinical practice even before they graduate.

It's three years studying anatomy, pharmacology and biomechanics that allow a trained Podiatrist to see beyond your skin and right into the complex marvel of engineering that makes up your foot...

and the bones that form it

Calcaneus - The heel bone

Talus - Sits above it, forming part of your ankle

Tarsals - The midfoot bones that make up your arches

Metatarsals - The long bones heading towards your toes

Phalanges - The smaller bones that make up your toes

Sesamoids - Two tiny bones on the underside of the foot 

3D Model of the Human Foot

Thanks to Western University of Health Sciences for providing us with this model.